I was raised by a single mother in poverty and I understand the struggles working families experience.

I know how hard you have to work to get ahead because at a young age I quickly realized how stacked the deck is against regular people. At 16, I started doing farm labor to help support my family. In high school I took college courses at night, graduated from college at 19, and got my Masters in Public Policy from Brown University at age 20. For many this would be the “American Dream,” but I still struggle to pay my bills, much less, invest and save for a future. 

For too long, the wealthy and well-connected in Rhode Island have gotten their way with state policy, winning tax-cuts and special favors. Meanwhile, far too many families in our neighborhood are struggling due to low wages, the rising costs of living, and the impact of COVID-19. 

We need to end corporate welfare and put people first in our policies.

We can't continue neglecting our roads, schools, public health, and affordable housing stock.

I am prepared to work hard and help our community recover from COVID-19 together.

We need bold action that includes: Hazard Pay, Small Business Relief, and a Moratorium

on Evictions.


I'm incredibly proud to not accept any donations from: Corporate PACs, Corporate Lobbyists, the Fossil Fuel Industry, and other special interests that have corrupted our government. Instead, I'm focused on empowering working people and ensuring that we are the ones being represented at the State House.

​Please contact me if you ever need any assistance or if you have any questions/ideas on how we can improve our neighborhood and state.

Take care, I look forward to meeting you!