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2021 Legislative Accomplishments

Dear neighbors,

2021 was an exciting legislative session as we passed important laws and made critical investments that support our working families, seniors, K-12 students, young people, and members of the LGBTQ+ community in the Mt. Pleasant, Valley, and Elmhurst neighborhoods. 

Below is a brief summary of the laws and budget initiatives that we passed:

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Protecting and Expanding Healthcare:

  • Capped Monthly out-of-pocket expenses for Insulin at $40

  • Required that COVID-19 Vaccinations, Testing, & Treatment always be free of costs

  • Expanded  ‘Telemedicine’ for Medicaid and Private Insurance Patients

  • Prohibited Gender Discrimination in Health Insurance Coverage

  • Strengthened staffing standards in Nursing Homes to improve resident care

  • Medicaid Coverage for Doula Services

  • No Cuts to Medicaid in the State Budget


Labor Rights:

  • Pathway to a $15 Minimum Wage by 2024

  • Established the strongest Whistleblower Labor protections in the country, further protecting workers who report workplace violations or misconduct

  • Expanded Paid Sick Leave for Caregivers

  • Equal Pay for All People


Housing Investments:

  • Established an Annual Funding Stream for ‘Affordable’ and ‘Low-to-Moderate Income’ Housing

  • Prohibited 'Source of Income' Discrimination for Housing

  • Established the 'Pay for Success' Program focused on providing wraparound services to unhoused people

  • Prohibited LGBTQ+ Discrimination for Housing


Improving the K-12 Education Experience: 

  • Provision of free Feminine Hygiene Products in all Public Schools

  • Expanded access to English as a Second Language (ESL) and English Language Learner (ELL) Teaching Certifications

  • Require that all public High School Students demonstrate their knowledge of American Civics 

  • Require African Heritage History courses in all public elementary and secondary schools 


Investments in Higher Education: 

  • Established Tuition-Free Community College for Graduating High School Students through the RI Promise Scholarship

  • In-State Tuition for all RI Students at our State Colleges and Universities, regardless of Immigration Status

  • Increased funding for Rhode Island College (RIC)


Other Important Laws and Budget Items: 

  • Provision of Single Stall Gender-Neutral Restrooms in Public Buildings

  • Expanded accessibility to Child Care by capping Co-Payments

  • Continued Elimination of the Car Tax by 2023

  • Secured a $5,000 grant for our Mt. Pleasant Community Library